Happy New Year Week 17

This is week 17 in our 52 week blog circle study of light. I have included a lot of holiday images this month and wanted to end with winter scenes. Here are a few scenes from one of the first days of winter in Minnesota. The first two images are from home and the last two from up north. I wish you each a healthy and happy New Year!

Here are a few images from our weekend at the cabin. Tom and the boys like to go on their "nature walk" across the lake. Matt commented that, "It used to seem like a long walk, but now it seems a lot shorter". The snow is beautiful up here. It is a quiet time of year and I love the peace and tranquility.

17:52-3 Nature Walk at the Cabin 


Please continue along our blog circle to see the work of my friend and fellow photographer, Kim DuPree, by clicking HERE. I admire Kim's ability to capture the emotion and moment in her portraits.